Border Brothers


1H 40MIN

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Brian, owner of a local pool cleaning company, finds himself rapidly losing clients when a new company (Hombre Pool Cleaning) comes to town. Finding himself in a financial and personal crisis, he turns to his mafia cousin with the hopes of earning money, winning back his girlfriend and turning his life around. His first assignment seems fairly simple; smuggle marijuana across the Mexican border, but he quickly finds himself with two illegal immigrants and no weed! Despite the language barrier, the three men try to work together to get the weed back. Hijinks ensue. Think “The Hangover” meets “Pineapple Express.”


Directed by Rickey Bird

Written by Rickey Bird
Myron Ward

Production Company Hectic Films

Produced by Jeffrey R. Chrisman
Rickey Bird

Cast Brian Ross
Luis Fernandez-Gil
Orlando Chavez
DT Carney
Rickey Bird