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Fake news just got real...
George Jordan is just a regular guy living his dream: beautiful girlfriend, loving family, decent job at a pizzeria. Unfortunately for him, he gets caught up in a doctored video that goes viral and makes him look horrible to the entire world. Most of his friends and family abandon him. His girlfriend breaks up with him. His boss fires him. The local news and cable talk shows take advantage for the ratings. Can George prove that the video was fake and restore his reputation? Can he expose the people responsible?


Directed by Steve Gandolfo

Written by Michael M. Boland
Steve Gandolfo

Production Company Dirty Water Pictures

Produced by Tommy Kijas
Cameron Fife
Steven J Mangurten

Cast Tommy Kija
Craig Frank
Jenna Willis
Krista Allen
Richard Riehle
Stephen Wu
Josh Zuckerman
Andrew Lewis Caldwell
Googy Gress
Sujata Day
Mindy Robinson
Jeane Taylor
Mark Gagliardi
Jeremy D. Howard
Justin Shephard
Noah Weisberg
Michael Franklin
Michael Wayne Foster