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Heidi (20s) ran away from her affluential family in Sweden, after catching her Dad in a Weinstein-level scandal and discovering that her mom knew about it all along. Heidi’s seemingly perfect world has been turned upside down, and she leaves it all behind to create a new life and identity in America. Upon realizing her new predicament, Heidi does the only thing she knows how in times of need... pay someone else to do it. She hires a live in “ladysitter,” to help her take care of herself during this transition into real adulthood. Her inheritance is running out, and she needs to get her life in order, fast. Marilyn (20s) answers an ad for a live in nanny position, assuming she’ll be helping with children. This is where our series begins.


Directed by Heidi Kurzejka

Written by Kristina Denton

Produced by Heidi Kurzejka

Cast Heidi Kurzejka
Marilyn Bass