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At an annual brunch, five wealthy benefactors suddenly find themselves covered in blood when their sushi model takes a chopstick to the jugular. Now two detectives, one a seasoned pro and the other a Patrick Swayze superfan, must cut through this motley gang’s self-centered attempts to manipulate the truth, and get to the bottom of this utterly first world crime. In this absurd dark comedy, Detectives Parker and Parker (no relation) try to answer the questions everyone is asking: Who killed the victim? Why are none of the suspects nervous? And why do they eat sushi like that?


Directed by Alison Turner

Written by Lisa Linke

Produced by Caity Ware

Cast Angel Parker
Eric Nenninger
Jessica Kinsella
Lisa Linke
Grant Jordan
Sarah Siadat
Laura Keller
Taylor Zakhar Perez