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All first days are shit
All first days are shit. We follow Wendy's inaugural shift at Tartarus, a down-on-its-luck New York City dungeon. Teeming with strange characters and stranger new experiences, our fledgling Dominatrix discovers a surprising yet rewarding hidden talent. Written by a former Dominatrix, "Wendy/Gigi" shines new light on the sex industry with its tongue in its cheek, a twinkle in its eye, and a handprint on its ass.


Directed by Anthony Misiano

Written by Rachel Music

Production Company Schadenfrau Studio

Produced by John Holmes
Rachel Music
Anthony Misiano

Cast Shana Goodman
Rachel Music
Nadja Hoyer-Booth
Katharina Schmidt
Ivana Kong
Shelley Valfer
Aaron Wineman
Ricky Herrera
Kyra Jackson