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A wife bets her ass that her husband can't lose 50 pounds in 3 months...literally.
Frank Tsigas is a middle-aged family man and struggling novelist who can only see his life's shortcomings. On their 21st anniversary, his soft-spoken wife Laura surprises him with an offer: if he can lose 50 pounds in three months, she will give him a "unique" sexual adventure. As he struggles to lose the weight, Frank learns that the paths chosen in life's journey are more important than its final destination.


Directed by George A. Tramountanas

Written by George A. Tramountanas

Production Company Tramo Productions

Produced by George A. Tramountanas

Cast Kendra McDermott
George A. Tramountanas
Gabriel Conrad
Manoli P. Tramountanas
Eleanor Tramountanas
Heather Reynosa
Phillip Silva
Amelia Samson
Sam Schragel
Kiana Vaziri